My photography is an extension of how I see the world through my personality and mental makeup. I navigate the struggle between the need for isolation and belonging; I search for comfort in the uncomfortable, and to understand how I fit in and connect in a world that expects so much from us.

In my series "Alone Vol. 1" and "Alone Vol. 2," I explore my longing for solitude. These images are not just of people, landscapes, city scenes, the sky, the sea, or inanimate objects—they capture my feelings.

There is relief in knowing that I can put on a pair of headphones, walk the streets with my camera, and seek meaning and my place in the world through my photos. This process shows me that the feeling of searching for connection is universal and that I'm not alone.

My photos may make you feel uneasy, sad, or disconnected, but they may also make you feel intrigued, calm, or even happy. My hope is that they make you feel something.

Thank you for being here.

Recent Exhibitions

Solo Shows 

Roam Gallery “Being (Loved)” – New York, November 2023 – January 2024 

Form + Flow “Suns & Moons” – New York, October 2023 – January 2024 

Group Shows 

Culture Lab LIC - "Shattered - A Visual Journey Through The Mind" - May 2024

LACP - "Thresholds 2024: Photography & Urban Archetecture" - May 2024

Aesthetica Art Magazine "Aesthetica Art Prize 2024" - Feb-Apr 2024

PhotoPlace Gallery “Portals: Windows, Mirrors and Doors” – January 2024 

APA San Francisco “Something Personal” – December 2023 

APA NY / Soho Photo Gallery Annual Juried “Show us your best” – December 2023 

Art on the Ave “Connections” – New York, November 2023 – January 2024 

Zaruma ‘LIC’ – New York, October 2023 – January 2024 

Praxis Gallery “Motion Blur” Minneapolis, November-December 2023 

Black Box Gallery “Framed: Trees and Water” November 2023 

LIC Artists Abstract/Abstraction Exhibition – New York, October - November 2023 

Art on the Ave, “The Rise: Art in the Heights”, New York, June-Aug 2023 

London Photography Festival / Richmond Arts and Ideas – London, May 2023 

LIC Arts Annual ‘Last Call’ – New York, April 2023 

Light, Space & Time – “Animals’, July 2023 

Light, Space & Time – “Primary Colors” August 2023 – 7th overall award, 4th for Photography 

Lens Culture – Editors Pick – Emerging Artists 2023 

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